5 Types Of Men Women Find Really, Really Attractive

5 Types Of Men Women Find Really, Really Attractive

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Books, movies, television shows and pop culture in general, have always shown this perfect version of being the perfect man. Anything less than that is simply not good enough in real life, it seems. Every woman wants the perfect man for herself, and honestly, every woman has her own definition of perfection.

However, there are five kinds of men who every woman finds attractive, and irresistible. These men don’t have that much trouble getting dates, and winning women over, because of their charisma and confidence. Their self-assuredness is their best quality, and partly the reason why women find them so desirable, so much so that they are even willing to overlook their flaws.

5 Types Of Men Women Find Really, Really Attractive

1. Men who are funny and have a good sense of humor.

One of the best ways to impress a woman is to make her laugh, and that’s exactly what a man with a good sense of humor does the best. The moment a man is able to make a woman laugh, the attraction between them becomes stronger.

But don’t think that being a funny guy means you will keep on treating everything as a joke, and constantly keep on making jokes, no matter the situation. Being funny means knowing how to break the tension by saying the right but inoffensive thing. Being funny means being able to make her laugh, when she feels too sad to laugh. And most importantly, being funny means bringing a lot of laughter and light to her life, and making her feel happy.

2. Men who are intelligent and wise.

Women love it when men have a lot of wisdom, experience and intelligence. Being able to have a nice, deep conversation is something that every woman craves from their man, and when they do get it, it’s like they hit the lottery. Men who have wisdom have seen the world a lot, have had diverse experiences and know how the world works.

Being confident, knowledgeable and mature, such men know the value of relationships, and most importantly, they know how to treat women. Love and relationships are not a joke for them, and such is their maturity, that when they get into a relationship, they treat it with a lot of respect and care.

3. Men who are self-made and successful.

Yes, women like successful guys, but that does not mean you have to be a millionaire or a billionaire to impress women. When a man does things that nobody else has the courage to do, or pushes himself to fulfill his dreams and goals, that is what impresses women. Being successful does not always mean being filthy rich, it also means that you have the drive and courage to go after what you want.

Men who know what they are made of, and are not afraid of pushing themselves are winners in the eyes of women. Seeing ambition, hardwork and a stable, successful life makes women admire such men, and they even look up to them.

4. Men who are healthy and stable.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they need to grow up, and take life seriously. Men who take their lives and their future seriously and don’t take their health for granted, are some of the best kinds of men. Focusing on building a secure and stable life is something they firmly believe in, and live their lives according to that motto.

Yes, they do have fun and let loose sometimes, but they never go overboard doing anything ‘fun’. Most women crave stability and mental peace in their lives, and that’s why they like men who take care of their physical health and mental health, and don’t have any substance abuse issues. You don’t need to have 6-pack abs and ripped muscles to be healthy; as long as you take care of yourself and have a strong grip on your life, everything’s good.

5. Men who are sensitive and aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side.

Now is this one really a surprise? Most people think that women hate it when men cry or openly express their emotions, but it’s actually the opposite. When a man feels confident enough to talk about all his feelings, and does not think it’s abnormal because he is a man, it makes a woman go crazy, but good crazy.

This shows that he is not only sensitive, but also emotionally intelligent. When a man is emotionally intelligent, it helps him understand how his partner is feeling and what he can do to make her feel better. It’s not really a secret that women love it when men understand them and their emotions, and genuinely try to provide emotional support, understanding and empathy.

So, these are the five types of men that women find really, really attractive, and would love to be in a relationship with. Because at the end of the day, these are the qualities that actually matter in the long run, don’t they?